Monday, June 30, 2008

Training Report, 6/23-6/29

Well, I've finally decided (I think) on the rest of the races I plan on doing this summer/early fall. I have pretty much decided to limit things to sprint triathlons, 5Ks and perhaps a longer trail run. It's not so much the distances of the races right now, but the time involved in training for longer races. I'm really enjoying the reduced training volume and the lack of pressure I feel now that I have decided on shorter races. The nice thing is I have developed a great fitness base and the shorter races keep me sharp. I also have more time to spend with the kids.

Monday: Weight training; light riding; 500 yards in the community pool.
Tuesday: 20 miles on the bike just below race pace; Pilates in the evening.
Wednesday: Weight training in the morning; 35 miles on the bike.
Thursday: 1200 yards in the pool.
Friday: 3 mile run; form drills; weight training
Saturday: 20 miles on the bike, easy.
Sunday: Rest

Monday, June 23, 2008

Craig Heisey Memorial 5K Race Report

Ran the first ever Craig Heisey Memorial 5K this past Saturday. Despite training for and running 4 marathons in the last year and a half, I can't remember the last time I ran a 5K. I know it was sometime in the early to mid 90s. A guy from work organized a team for the Lancaster Corporate Run, and we came in second overall. I know my time was in the low 19:00s or high 18:00s, but that's all I remember.

The run started at the local high school, which is a mile from my house, so I ran there to warm-up. I got checked in and then went down to the track to do some more running and to go through form drills.. Felt good, but the sun was really heating things up.

Race went off at 8:30. I didn't really have a strategy; I have run so few of these things and so long ago, that I wasn't quite sure what I could do or how to do it. Fortunately, the guy who organized the Corporate Run team was in the race, and he told me that he was shooting for @ 19:40, which seemed like a reasonable goal to me.

Started out and had no problem maintaining pace. In fact, we were running sub 6:00, and I felt I had it in the tank to go even faster, or to at least hold that for awhile. Crossed the first mile in 5:56.

Now, a little about the course. This is probably one of the toughest 5K courses in our area as it has a mini "heartbreak hill." The course goes out and back, so you run down it first, but then it hits you squarely in the guts on the way back and at the worst possible time for a 5K: right at the 2 mile mark.

At the two mile mark, which is at the base of the hill, I was on 6:06 pace. I was running right on the heels of my "rabbit" and another student who was on the Donegal XC team. I decided to make a move on them...and paid dearly. They both broke me on the hill, and put about 20-25 yards on me after they crested. For the final mile, which is generally uphill, I was holding on for dear life. The sun was also having an effect, but I pushed on and was even able to manage a little sprint at the end.

Results and Final Comments

* Time: 20:23; 6th place overall; 1st in my age group. Woohoo!!! I earned a "golden sneaker."

* I really wanted to run sub 20:00. On another course, without such a significant hill, I know I have it in me to go perhaps as low as 19:30. That's the peculiarity of road racing: 5K is 5K, but every course is different in respect to elevation and time of the year when it is run.

* I knew Craig Heisey. He worked for the Merchandiser selling advertising. Between the Marines and teaching, I worked for a bedding store and he stopped to by on a sales call. That was 20 years ago. When I was teaching at Donegal, I had his son in class. I lost touch after that, but was shocked to read in the paper about a year ago that he passed away from ALS. At the start of the race, there were words spoken about Craig and his life and love of sporting events. The race director said to run the race for all those people, such as Craig, who couldn't run anymore.

* The race was organized by a student who was a friend of the family and who chose to do it for her senior project. Proceeds went to Rainbow's End Youth Center. I was impressed by her organizational skills and that she undertook such an extensive project. She should be commended.

Training Report: 6/16 - 6/22

Decided to run a 5k this week, so my training was somewhat geared towards that and giving my feet a rest. I'm dealing with two skeletal/mechanical injuries, one in each foot.

Monday: "Mile Mondays" in the pool.
Tuesday: Track intervals: 1 mile warm-up; 200,400, 600, 800, 600, 400, 200 ladder; 1 mile cool-down. Tina's Pilates class in the evening.
Wednesday: 2000 yards in the pool.
Thursday: 30 miles on the bike.
Friday: 9.37 mile time trial in my neighborhood. 500 yards in the pool in the afternoon.
Saturday: 5 miles including the "Craig Heisey Memorial 5k" road race.
Sunday: Rest

Monday, June 16, 2008

Training Report, 6/6-6/16

I have decided that I'm definitely doing the Harrisburg Sprint triathlon in August, and possibly the the Speedwell Triathlon in September. Maybe a 5K here and there. For Fathers Day, I received a copy of Marathon Challenge and after viewing it, I'm starting to reconsider a fall marathon.

Monday: "Mile Monday" in the pool.
Tuesday: 1 mile warm-up; 6x400m; 1 mile cool-down
Wednesday: 25 mile ride; weights
Thursday: 1900 yards in the pool
Friday: 17 mile ride; weights
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: brick workout - 15 mile ride and a 3 mile run

Monday, June 9, 2008

"Flounderpalooza '08, " Or...

"Ass-hooked Horseshoe Crab." Headed down to my buddy Andy's this past Friday for "Flounderpalooza '08." Went for supper at Sean Bolan's, a great Irish pub in Bel Air, then headed back to the condo to prepare for our excursion to Cape Henlopen.

Got on the road early Saturday morning and headed east to the great state of Delaware. It was foggy, but the forecast called for clearing and calm. Arrived at Cape Henlopen State Park around 9:30, and went to get our licences. Great news awaited, it was free fishing weekend. Wow, the trip was already off to a great start, now, if the flounder cooperated, we'd be set.

Started fishing around 10:00 with an incoming tide. Wind was hardly noticeable and casting flies was easy. Unfortunately, easy casting was all that we would experience. Other than a bump on my 4th or 5th cast and three hooked crabs - 2 horseshoes and a calico, including one that was ass-hooked by Andy - we had nil to show for three hours of standing on the flats and waving sticks. But, we were fishing and that was the important thing, and we saw a lot of bird and marine life which is always a plus.

AND, there is always Dogfish Head Brewing Company in Rehoboth. We took our refreshment there before heading back to Bel Air.

Back in Bel Air, we traded Saltwater gear for freshwater gear and headed to the Little Gunpowder for some smallmouth fishing. We were more successful in this piscatorial endeavor and managed to land at least one smallmouth and a few green sunfish. Capped off the trip with a sandwich at DuClaw Brewing in Bel Air.

Looking forward to "Flounderpalooza '09."

Training Report, 6/2-6/8

Pretty good week of training.  Didn't take Monday off as a rest day, because I knew I would be fishing over the weekend.

Monday: "1 mile Monday" swim, 72 lengths non-stop, which is a little over a mile.
Tuesday: 4 miles of fartlek on the road.
Wednesday: 2000 yards in the pool in the morning including technique and fast work; 40 mile bike, very hilly including conquering the steepest hill in Lanc. Co.
Thursday: 1 miles easy, 3 miles at 6:50 pace, 1 mile easy.
Friday: 1200 yards in the pool.
Saturday: "Flounderpallooza"
Sunday: Rest.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Training Report, 5/26 - 6/1

Took it a little easy this week after "Got the Nerve." I was canoeing on Monday, and Tuesday was a rest day, so I'll pick it up with Wednesday.

Wednesday: 1 hour bike ride @ 18.3 mph. Focusing on cadence.
Thursday: 4 mile run.
Friday: 1200 yards in the pool, short sprints and technique work.
Saturday: 1 hour run @ 8:30 pace
Sunday: 32 mile ride @ 16.5 mph