Saturday, November 21, 2009


Well, not yet, but it is only a week away. I have also realized that I haven't posted anything in awhile. I'm not sure that matters, but in case there are a few souls out there who are unaware of my "status," and who actually read my blog, I'll bring you up to date.

I have no events on the horizon, and have been limiting my training to get over two injuries. I haven't ran in three weeks, however, I have gotten back on a regular swimming routine, and I have been biking when daylight and weather permit. I have also been hitting the weights, which has become a good alternative to running right now. I really feel it is making a difference in my recovery, and I think I will come out of the winter stronger, and more prepared to start up training for spring triathlons.

Work has been going well; I can't believe there is only about 30 days left in the first semester. On one hand that is nice, but on another, it serves to show how life is accelerating. I'm still teaching World History and Global Perspectives. I enjoy these subjects and certainly hope I can finish out my career teaching them. That is possibly only 6 years away. I really need to start considering what I'm going to do with phase II of my life. Besides academics, another teacher and I are going to start up an informal triathlon club at school. There seems to be a lot of interest, so we're going to "pilot" a club and see what kind of turnout we get. Lastly, due to time constraints, I am not planning on chaperoning ski club this year. This might mean that I won't ski this winter, it's just to expensive and time consuming. Hopefully, we'll have good snowfalls this year, so I can resume xc skiing again.

On the family front, things couldn't be better. Tina is teaching Pilates and now playing soccer in a women's over 30 league. The boys are doing well in school and thriving both academically and athletically. Tristan wrapped up his first season of soccer and Kyler had a great experience playing U9 Travel. His team, The Explosion, won the league championship. Kyler was voted "Most Versatile Player" and "Best Offensive player" by the coaches. Both boys also did well in the Race for Education. Tristan ran 3.25 miles, and Kyler ran 6.25 miles. Kyler's performance was the best in his class/third grade and he received a trophy for his efforts. He also entered the "6 Mile Club." Up next for us is the Jingle Bell 5K run in December.

That's about it as we head into the holiday season. Hope all who check in from time to time are doing well.