Monday, April 12, 2010

Hempfield Tri For Life Race Report


Last week I aggravated a knee injury by trying to push to hard on a day my knee was asking for a rest. Consequently, I could hardly walk on Wednesday the morning after my ride. I had particular problems going up and down steps. By Thursday, I was still unable to go up, or down steps without pain, so I went to the doctor, and heard what I didn't want to hear: possible tear, no triathlon. I went for an x-ray (everything is an x-ray it seems. My insurance company won't allow an MRI before an x-ray...hello, it's a tissue problem, not bone), and began taking Naproxin. By Friday I was going up steps, and Saturday I was able to go down steps, but I wasn't going to risk further injury by racing. So, I decided to volunteer at the race.

I learned a lot about what goes into putting on a triathlon. I had the good fortune to be able to ride around with my buddy Don. A. who was the course director. We ensured road crossings had flaggers and volunteers, monitored the race, and then removed all the course signs after the last competitor went through. It was a valuable experience, and I plan to volunteer at this event in the future. In fact, I encourage all racers to volunteer at least once a year at an event. It will make you appreciate more what it entails to provide you with a great racing experience.

Great job, Hempfield Tri Club!!!