Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Legends of the Fall

The title of this post could relate to my "fall" back in August while participating in the Livestrong Ride. To this point, I am still having shoulder issues which has curtailed my swim training. In fact, I have not swam in 3 weeks.

In addition to a dinged up shoulder, I have been having all the symptoms of a "sports hernia" again, however, it has subsided somewhat, because I have been resting. Resting is something that I don't do well.

Despite resting, I have participated in a few athletic endeavors including the Race for Education with both of my sons at their school. Kyler, 8 years old, was able to get into the 6 mile club. We averaged around a 9:40 mile. Tristan, 6years old, was able to run 3.25 miles. I was quite proud of both of them. Up next for Kyler and me is another 5K in November. Other than that, I have ridden my bike a little bit and been out hiking.

The fall has been pretty nice, but there has been a lot of rain. Soccer has kept me busy, both coaching and spectating. School, as usual, is also a source of constant focus and energy depletion.

That's about it right now.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marathon Season Week 3

It's over. I have decided not to run the Harrisburg Marathon, because of an injury that has become aggravated by the increase in mileage. I plan on resting, then beginning an off-season weightlifting plan to prepare me for the Spring. I will also run, bike and swim, but at a reduced volume.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Marathon Season Week 2

Last week went well despite fighting a cold. I took Monday off. Tuesday I did speed work: 10:00 warm-up; 4:00 @ 6:20; 4:00 easy x5; 5:00 cool-down. Wednesday I swam for 30:00. Thursday: 10:00 warm-up; 25:00 @ 7:10; 5:00 cool-down. Friday: off. Saturday: half marathon, 1:42:25, or @ 7:50 pace. This was not a race, but I was well under BQ pace. Of course, the question is, can I hold that for 13.1 more miles. Sunday: 20 miles on the bike @ 19.1 mph.

I really think that I will have no problem running a BQ time. The biggest difference between now and when I ran a BQ time before is my lactate threshold seems to be higher, which means I can run faster, longer. I attribute this to a successful triathlon season/5K season. I put in a lot of speed work over the summer, and a lot of tough riding.