Monday, August 24, 2009

Livestrong 2009

Another Livestrong Ride is in the books!!!

I had the pleasure to once again honor my mother and support my friend Rob D., a cancer survivor. It was a pleasure riding with him over the length of the course, and his booming shouts of "streudal" in a German accent as we were climbing hills lifted my spirits and the spirits of those around us. Rock on Streudal!!!

This year's ride was pretty much like last year's ride, with a few minor changes to the course. The best stop along the course was once again at Landis Store.

I felt that I was in better cardio shape this year for the ride, however, the lack of training rides exceeding 30 miles prior to this century had my butt screaming for mercy. I also took a spill this year. At first I was worried about my knee, which was awfully stiff after getting myself up off the ground. As it turns out, it's my shoulder that I will be seeing the doctor for later this morning.

Up next? Hopefully the Seagull Century in October.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pinchot Park Camping

This past weekend, the boys and I along with other fathers and/or uncles, spent the weekend camping at Pinchot state park in York County, PA.

It's always nice to pull into a state park, set up a tent, and just relax. The cost is so low that you never have to worry if you're getting your money's worth, and life is reduced to its most simplistic state. It's also a real joy to watch the kids run around unfettered, and not have to worry about them. It reminds me of my childhood 40 years ago when we ran around our neighborhood all the time playing, and not under the supervision of adults.

Activities for the weekend included fishing, shooting BB guns, swimming, exploring the trails, and an owl program/walk. Of course, this was primarily the kid's agenda. The adults pretty much enjoyed the downtime when the kids were playing the latest game they invented. Their creativity is heightened when they are without electronic devices.

Hopefully, we'll get out again before soccer and school get underway in full force.